While most remote clients actually visit the retail location to complete their buys, the experience can be tedious and disappointing. Are you conveying the customized and productive retail experience your clients request?


Salesforce has a strong environment of accomplices that will help broaden the power of Consumer Goods Cloud. We at More and Moritz, will provide digital transformation for clients in the retail business with expertise and unique capabilities.

For a retail business to endure and flourish, it's about the client. Clients anticipate customized encounters at scale, and you meet them where they are. That is the reason it's imperative to have innovation that upholds your business in the long haul. More and Mortiz are Salesforce innovation specialists. Utilizing workshops and our proven business disclosure measures we profoundly jump into your information and innovation ventures.

When we comprehend your business all around we utilize our experience to convey modified, vigorous arrangements that expand business potential.

Clients work with More and Mortiz to:
=> Carry out CRM to give a solitary 360-degree perspective on your client collaborations
=> Interface Marketing, Service and Commerce Clouds for expanded ROI and drive development
=> Customize client care and gain dependability with Service cloud
=> Meet the client where they are with an inestimable omnichannel experience
=> Make every single collaboration a chance for a deal
=> Audit business measure developing and present feasible objectives that drive quick outcomes

Many retail organizations are deciding to band together with Salesforce to remain competitive and meet the developing necessities of their clients.

=> Salesforce in Retail will:
=> Improve visit planning
=> Optimize visit execution
=> Optimize compliance and product placements
=> Easily capture orders and data