Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is the venture community and portal management stage that associates employees, customers, and partners directly to the data, applications and specialists they need.


Our teams are available to assist you manage and implement the companion and client communities to offer your companion and clients the best digital experience.

"For a unique and customized digital experience"


Organizations regularly use Community Cloud as a client care instrument, where clients can speak with one another and give data on help issues. In this model of client assistance, specialists are bound to deal with complex issues which can't be settled inside the online local area. Salesforce Community Cloud counseling administrations help customers with arranging and conveying this program.
Notwithstanding execution, a portion of the suppliers in this classification help with extra preparation or backing identified with Salesforce Community Cloud, just as other IT counseling administrations or execution administrations. Salesforce community cloud can be altered to have an assortment of arrangements, for example, self-administration entries and message sheets. This software enables businesses to create and manage online communities for customers and employees.

Community cloud helps you in :
=> Troubleshoot with self-service or help desk support.
=> Access your data and resources.
=> Process invoices and payments.
=> Manage automatically-recurring purchases, donations, or subscriptions.
=> Browse upcoming events and register.

Benefits of Community Clouds:
- Openness and Impartiality
- Flexibility and Scalability
- High Availability and Reliability
- Security and Compliance
- Convenience and Control
- Less Work for the IT Department
- Environment Sustainability